Vehicles for intermodal transportation

Bogie DRRS 25LD

Use is made of a dual rubber roll spring suspension arrangement in conjunction with lateral sliding blocks revealing an absence of longitudinal play and spring guides to cater for improved rail behaviour, all contributing to reduced noise emission and life cycle costs (LCC). Further noise reduction can be achieved by equipping the wheels with sound absorbers. Freight cars featuring this bogie comply with the EN 14363 requirements. The bogie is certified as an interoperability constituent in accordance with TSI.


  • 7 dB(A) quieter than limit per TSI Noise
  • 10% lower energy consumption and CO2 emission
  • 35% lower maintenance costs
  • 150 kg lighter thanks to plastic components (compared to DRRS 25LD bogie, construction year 2014)
  • Travel speeds from 120 – 200 km/h achievable

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