Innovative solutions in the rail-transport sector

At WBN, design and development of rail vehicles and components proceed in alignment with customers’ specific requirements including the calculation and structural dimensioning of all load-bearing as well as safety-critical components and assemblies. Accordingly, our customers are given the assurance of our arranging and implementing all necessary tests and inspections in addition to obtaining the required national and international approvals (TSI).

Here are a few examples from our product range

Closed car transport unit, type Hccrrs

2x2-axle double-decker transport unit Laaers

Car-carrying trains for tunnel traffic

Sliding-wall cars

Rolling Highway

Apart from our range of goods wagons we also construct various types of freight-wagon bogies in a whole variety of different configurations.
One example is our innovative bogie platform DRRS 25 continuous ongoing development of which has been making headway since 2010. The design concept of this bogie facilitates the use of different braking systems, e.g. rod brakes, compact brakes and disc brakes. Not only different braking systems, but also different wheelset loads can be accommodated (up to 25 t RSL). Depending on the individual wheelset loads and braking systems, our DRRS bogie is capable of attaining travel speeds of up to 160 km/h. A near-future stage of development is focused on attaining a speed of 200 km/h.


The brochure illustrating the bogie will be found under Downloads.

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