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We get the very best out of man/machine resources to create products in a class of their very own.

Our production expertise covers the whole spectrum of processing and machining technologies. The vertical range of production ensures consistent implementation of our unrelenting quality standards applied to all production stages and components.

CNC sawing process

CNC Band saw HBP-310
Technical Data:

Semi-automatic sawing from the solid,
tubes and profile sections

Semi-automatic material feed and removal
Max. bar length 12,000 mm
Max. profile cross-section 310 mm

CNC flame-cutting

CNC Oxygen cutting machine MultiTherm 4000
Technical Data:

Plasma cutting of steel and aluminium up to max. 50 mm 
Plasma-cutting system HPR 400 2 units
Automatic torch positioning  
Cutting area

2 x 2,500 x 6,000 mm

CNC milling and drilling system

CNC Travelling column milling and drilling machine SORAMIL FR20000
Technical Data:

Spindle mount SK50
Spindle performance 37 kW
Max. speed

3,000 min-1

Travel distances X =  20,000 mm
  Y =    3,200 mm
  Z =    1,500 mm
NC rotary table 2,500 mm x 2,000 mm
5-side machining (automatic indexing angle head in planes via control system, 2.5 divisible)
Angle head interchangeable (SK50)
Measuring system incorporating radio transmission
Tool changer with 60 tools

CNC portal milling machine

CNC portal milling machine FP71
Technical Data:

Spindle mount HSK63
Spindle performance 24 kW
Max. speed 15,000 min-1
Travel distances X = 8,000 mm
  Y = 1,500 mm
  Z =    870 mm
5-side machining facilities
(head capable of being swivelled in 2 planes)
Measuring system incorporating radio transmission
Chain-magazine changer with 48 tools
Ideal for machining aluminium

CNC folding machine

CNC  folding machine LVD PPEB 1000/120
Technical Data:

Max. pressing force 1,000 t
Max. working length 12,000 mm
Max. ram stroke max. 400 mm
Maximum distance between
750 mm
Safety device Photoelectric light barrier
2 machine cranes
pressing force per crane
1 Mp
Sheet-thickness measuring device  

Welding robot system

Welding robot system CLOOS ROMAT 350
Technical Data:

2 x 6-axis welding robots, suspended arrangement on track with 60 m length
Equipped with robot laser sensor and
welding-fume extraction system
Automatic welding of assemblies constructed of aluminium and steel in multiple workstations

Blasting machine

Continuous blasting machine RS-R 1550
Technical Data:

Removal of scaling, slag and rust from
flame-cut parts and profiles
Pre-heating and drying system
Semi-automatic material feed and removal
Linkage to bandsaw system 3

Material dimensions
- all commercially available profiles
up to max.

IPB 500
and max. length 12,000 mm
- Sheets with max. width 1,500 mm
and material thicknesses between 4 - 120 mm

Paintwork plant

Paintwork plant for large components and wagons
Technical Data:

Complete painting of vehicles and assemblies
Processing of low-solvent and solvent-based paints
Track for finishing and lettering operations
Preparatory booths 2 Stück
Combined preparatory and drying booths 2 Stück
Spray booths 4 Stück
Drying booths 2 Stück
Booth lengths 23.5 m

Assembly halls

Assembly halls
Technical Data:

Equipped with ring pipe system for technical gases and central compressed-air supply system
Standard-gauge track systems with assembly pits heated by gas radiator heating systems
Max. dimensions B=24 m x L 80 m
Cranes with max. bearing capacity 2 x 25 t


Building Floor Plan

Products manufactured in the various buildings along with building dimensions:

Designation of
production facility

 Load bearing

Length of

Width of
Building A 2 x  6,3t
2 x  6,3t
Building B  2 x  6,3t 75,25m 25,95m
Jig construction shop  4,5t 23,00m 10,00m
Building D  2 x  5,0t 60,46m 16,73m
Small-component paint-finishing shop  2,0t    
Building F 3,2t 78,60m 13,10m
Building G 3 x  5,0t 91,55m 22,80m
Building H 2 x  3,2t
2 x  5,0t
91,55m 10,80m
Building I 2 x 12,5t 89,70m 22,15m
Building K 2 x 25,0t 89,70m 22,30m
Building L 2 x  8,0t 89,70m 26,30m
Building M 5,0t
2 x 10,0t
2 x  8,0t
2 x  5,0t
Building N 5,0t 65,00m 12,00m
Building P 2 x  8,0t 79,55m 22,20m
Building S 2 x 12,5t 36,00m 15,00m
Building W leased 2 x  3,2t 60,30m 23,50m
Outdoor areas 2 x 10,0t
1 x 12,5t
96,00m 33,50m

Descriptions of various machines

Technical Data

Max. sheet thickness 20 mm 
Min. sheet thickness 5 mm
Max. sheet width 1,500 mm
Min. sheet width  500 mm

Technical Data  

Max. sheet thickness 6 mm 
Min. sheet thickness 0.3 mm
Max. sheet width 600 mm
Min. sheet width 40 mm

Technical Data

Nominal press force 160 Mp
Clamping area 1,000 mm x 750 mm
Projection 400 mm
Distance – table/rams 590 mm max.
Ram stroke 32-140 mm
Number of strokes/continuous operation 50 min-1
Number of strokes/individual operation 50 min-1

Technical Data

Nominal press force 63 Mp
Clamping area 710 mm x 480 mm
Projection 260 mm
Distance – table/rams 340 mm-440 mm
Ram stroke 100 mm
Number of strokes/continuous operation 88 Kpm
Number of strokes/individual operation 175 Kpm

Technical Data

Nominal press force 100 Mp
Retraction force 20 Mp
Clamping area 750 mm x 560 mm 
Projection 360 mm
Distance – table/rams 800 mm
Ram stroke 0-500 mm

Technical Data

Nominal press force 250 Mp
Retraction force 38 Mp
Clamping area 1,250 mm x 630 mm
Projection 360 mm
Distance – table/rams 800 mm
Ram stroke 0-500 mm

Technical Data

Max. plate thickness 6 mm
Max. cutting length 3,050 mm
Cutting angle 2.30° – 0.5°
Cutting-angle and cutting-gap adjustment

Technical Data  

Output rating 3.0 kW
Clamping area  Ø 500
Projection 480 mm
Distance – table/rams 320 mm max.
Ram stroke 20- 200 mm
Table adjustment - lengthwise 500 mm
  - crosswise 400 mm
  - round 360°

Technical Data   

Output rating 3.0 kW
Max. external thread Ø 52 mm
Max. length 500 mm
Pitch 1 – 6 mm
For cutting
M8 – M64
(3/8 – 2 1/2inches)

Technical Data   

Output rating 13.0 kW
Speed 10 – 1250 RPM min-1
Circumferential diameter
over machine bed
max. = 630  mm
Distance between centres 1,400 mm

Technical Data   

Spindle mount SK50
Spindle performance 11 kW
Max. speed 1,400 min-1
Travel distances X =1,120 mm
  Y =   355 mm
  Z =   400 mm
Milling spindle swivel-mounted 2x45°

Upright drilling machines BS 25, BS 63,

Radial drilling machine RF 50x1600

Straightening machine 

Vacuum alignment device 

Grinding machinery

- Diversity of grinding machines
- Belt grinders
- Hand-held grinders

Heat treatment 

1 gas- and 2 electrically-heate annealing furnaces

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